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Ambralight Aquila LED growlight

The Italian LED lamp for professional use

AQUILA is an Italian LED lamp for professional use with high energy efficiency that is proposed for use in those applications where the distance between the lamp and plants is small and between 30 and 70cm. AQUILA is the evolution of our AE32 lamp.

AQUILA was designed by Ambra Elettronica and entirely produced in Italy with high-quality materials because we believe in tradition and respect for the values of “Made in Italy” products. These lamps are constructed in accordance with the most stringent standards, ensuring a safe and practical use. Our lamps are designed to sustain a long working period over the years and to withstand an environment with high humidity and where temperature fluctuations and dust are present.

Typical Applications: Vertical Farming, Growth Chambers, Supplementary Lighting, Research Projects, Botanical Gardens, Orchidaria, …

Ambralight Aquila LED growlight
Ambralight Aquila LED growlight

Technical Data

Power supply24 ÷ 30 Vdc
Electrical Power used32 ÷ 40 W
PAR – Photon Flux Output90 ÷ 140 μmoles / s
PAR efficiency2,95 ÷ 3,20 μmoles / Js
Temperature of Working Environment0 ÷ 45ºC
Dimensions1200 x 38 x 18 mm
Protection DegreeIP65
Weight1 Kg
Emitted LightIndividual LEDs installed for customized spectrum.
Expected decrease in light intensity10% at 100,000 hours


S.A.BA.R case: Basil- For a basilicious result
Wellness center Terme Olimia - Indoor Wall Garden
Vertical farming - Padova fair center



Ambra Elettronica srl is an Italian company that designs, develops and produces professional LED lamps for horticulture, floriculture and cannabis. We started as a technologically wise electronic company, designing and producing electronic boards and equipment.

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