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LED growlights

for Horticulture and Floriculture

Professional LED lighting for Greenhouse Basil production
Who we are

We develop and manufacture professional LED lamps for plant growth and well-being

Ambra Elettronica is an Italian company that designs, develops and manufactures professional LED growlights for horticulture, floriculture and in general any application of light to the plant world.

We start with the grower’s requirements and the needs of the plants. We offer custom spectra, custom LED lamps and lighting solutions for professional operators in agriculture and floriculture.

We pursue constant technological upgrading in search of smart solutions to stay ahead of the Customer’s demands: we aim for ‘homogeneity of light for better micropropagation, growth and photosynthesis of plants.

Where to install our LED Growlights for Plants

Application Fields

Horticulture, nursery, in vitro, vertical farm, growth chambers, greenhouses, floriculture, micropropagation, meristem, rooting, plant growth, flowering, cannabis, microgreens, micro algae, artospira platensis, spirulina algae, aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics, plant grafting, germination, photoperiodism, indoor green, green walls, vertical gardens.

For greenhouse horticulture and floriculture

Professional and qualified partners for greenhouse growers, with various successfully completed projects.

Lighting technology
LED for decorative plants
Home & Office

Lighting solutions for the survival and well-being of indoor plants.

LED Growlights for Algae Cultivation

We have developed LED lighting systems with specific spectra and characteristics for growing algae for cosmetic, food or other uses.

for Indoor & Vertical Farm

We are strong technology partners for Vertical Farm projects, both in agronomic research and fruit and vegetable production.

Our advantages

Technical producs for every need

500 kw

Product Data

300 H

Product Data


Product Data

1000 hours

Product Data

Completed projects

Some Case Studies

We have been active in the Agritech business sector for over 10 years now. Our technical expertise and know-how are wide, well diversified and successful: we have already completed over 350 projects, currently active and running.

Our LED lighting solutions ensure the well-being and growth of plants in very different settings, each with specific needs. Thanks to our past experience and technical knowledge, we can confidently say. OUR LAMPS DO THEIR JOB.

Professional LED lights for Greenhouse Greens Production
S.A.BA.R case: Basil- For a basilicious result
Based in Reggio Province, Servizi Ambientali Bassa Reggiana (S.A.BA.R.) produces an excellent basil. By replacing their former HPS lighting with...
Professional LED lights for Green Walls
Wellness center Terme Olimia - Indoor Wall Garden
Terme Olimia is rated as the best wellness center in Slovenia. The wellness center has been undergoing an architectural redesign...
Ambralight LED lamp for Vertical Farm
Vertical farming - Padova fair center
Based on strict cooperation between the University of Verona, Ambralight and four other companies have developed a vertical farming project...

Latest News

We strive for a constant technological update in search of intelligent solutions. Our goal is to be ahead of customers’ requests: our solutions are not only for the present but also for the future.

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Ambralight exhibits at Flormart Padova Italy 2022
Ambralight is on Agroclica

miproled project

Ambralight joined the MiProLed research project, together with the University of Padua DAFNAE and other companies in Veneto Italy. The project aims to refine the technical and scientific knowledge of LEDs applied to Floriculture and introduce companies to the advantages of this technology.

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    Ambra Elettronica srl is an Italian company that designs, develops and produces professional LED lamps for horticulture, floriculture and cannabis. We started as a technologically wise electronic company, designing and producing electronic boards and equipment.

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