Ambralight Diana LED lamp for decorative  plants


Diana is a LED wall lamp meant to promote the growth and well-being of house plants. For indoor use only. Suitable for horticultural plants, flowers, bonsai and succulents.

Diana is very elegant and efficient. Plants of different species or with different light requirements also can be placed under its light. Thanks to its swiveling center plate, the light emitted by Diana can be oriented towards the plants.
It can be chosen in chrome or painted with ivory white or black colors. Full immediate light when switched on

Technical Data

ModelDiana cod. 3260010
TypeApplique LED Lamp
Power18 W Class II
Voltage180-295 Vac 50/60 Hz
Power Factor>= 0,94 / 230Vac
Power Consumption18 kWh / 1000 h
On/OFF cycles>100.000
Lifelength span>40.00h
Full immediate light
Working environmentinternoPPFD [10 cm]: 1.000 μmol m-2s-1

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Ambra Elettronica srl is an Italian company that designs, develops and produces professional LED lamps for horticulture, floriculture and cannabis. We started as a technologically wise electronic company, designing and producing electronic boards and equipment.

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