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At Ambralight, we produce LED lamps for plant wellness and growth, intended for horticulture, floriculture, cannabis, and nursery.

Ambralight founders
Stefano Pizzolato (left) and Maurizio Fasolo (right) are the partners of Ambra Elettronica srl.

Ambra Elettronica is an Italian company specializing in the design and production of electronic boards and electronic equipment for civil and industrial applications. We are certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. We aim for continuous technological innovation, always searching for the smartest solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Passion, enthusiasm and dynamism have been our distinction since our early days and have enabled us to build strong relationships with clients and partner universities.

Based on solid technological skills and background in electronics and driven by its founders’ love of nature and plants, we began to design, develop, and manufacture LED lamps for plant wellness and growth both for residential use and more specifically for professional applications. To this end, we created the AmbraLight brand and division. All products are designed in our company and are made entirely in Italy using high-quality materials. Our lamps are built in compliance with the strictest regulations and according to technical criteria, ensuring safe and practical use.


After a few years of collaboration with Osram Semiconductors, the same German manufacturer offered us to become their partner, which led to Ambra Elettronica becoming an Osram Certified Partner in LED Light for you.

For more information about our partnership with Osram Semiconductor, click on the following links:

Osram Certified Partner
Ambralight LED light frequencies for plants


The LEDs used in the construction of our lamps are manufactured by OSRAM Semiconductors, developed specifically for the horticulture and floriculture market to ensure high product quality and reliability. Osram LEDs have a very high efficiency in terms of μmols / J

Osram analyzed our LED lamps to obtain a thermal evaluation. Our aim was to get an assessment of the temperature of the aluminum profile and also a life expectancy of their LEDs mounted on our lamps. The results are flattering: still 80 percent light flux after as many as 100,000 hours of lighting.

Ambralight LED lamp profile heating pattern
Ambralight LED light degradation curve: 10% after 100,000 h

Ambra Elettronica researches the best materials to ensure longer life of the equipment produced. In fact, in addition to the use of Osram LEDs, we use an anodized aluminum heat sink (designed in-house), high-transparency and UV-immune XT plexiglass (does not yellow during life), a sealing system (mold-EPDM foam), and all external screws are stainless steel.

During the production process, lamps are tested at various stages of assembly (including with an infrared camera) until final testing before packaging.

In recent years, we have made more than 350 artificial light installations for greenhouses, growth chambers, vertical farms and microalgae growing systems.

Our customers are not only private individuals but also universities and research laboratories.

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Ambra Elettronica srl is an Italian company that designs, develops and produces professional LED lamps for horticulture, floriculture and cannabis. We started as a technologically wise electronic company, designing and producing electronic boards and equipment.

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