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Wellness center Terme Olimia – Indoor Wall Garden

Terme Olimia is rated as the best wellness center in Slovenia. The wellness center has been undergoing an architectural redesign to ensure a more harmonic and relaxing atmosphere.

The project was followed by the company HUMKO. They are mainly focused on using all modern techniques and technologies in the field of the cultivation of plants, horticulture and green infrastructures.

For the 24 meter long wall garden, that covers a total of 85 square meters they chose to use our lamps. This incredible wall was constructed inside the wellness center to bring the relaxing feeling of nature and freshness into the interior space. The client expects that the lighting elements will blend in perfectly with the existing interior design, as our lighting does. The 22 AE24 WH lamps that used the LED options from 2700K to 6500K that resulted to human eye as normal white light that generate a homogeneous neutral light that fitted perfectly and seamlessly complements the design.

Without any natural light reaching the plants, the whole structure had to rely totally on LED lighting to survive. A common challenge for indoor green projects is to ensure that the light intensity is sufficient and covers the specific wave length that the plants need.

Ambra Elettronica srl è una azienda italiana che progetta, sviluppa e produce lampade a LED professionali per l’orticoltura, schede e apparecchiature elettroniche 



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