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Vertical farming – Padova fair center

Based on strict cooperation between the University of Verona, Ambralight and four other companies have developed a vertical farming project in Padua. The aim of this project is to measure the concept of vertical farming in terms of energy consumption, productivity increase, plant pathologies and use of chemicals.

It took 5 months to create the vertical farming prototype, that consists of shelves displayed in four levels. On each shelf, a different type of salad is grown. Two bottom shelves are equipped with red and blue LED lights (our AE32 lamps) while upper shelves use green, red and blue LED lights (again our AE32 lamps).

The project is currently exhibited at Padua trade fair centre, where anyone can follow the plant stages of growth. The salad produced in the vertical farm will be available for use by the nearby restaurants, promoting zero-kilometre food concept.

Data on plant growth, wellbeing and energy consumption is remotely managed by some experts of the University of Verona. The results of the project will be shared in one-year time.

Thanks to our LED lamp solutions, a controlled environment has been create for the plants, where light is emitted evenly across the area. A productivity increase is expected, as well as reduction of water and chemicals usage, compared to traditional farming.

Ambra Elettronica srl è una azienda italiana che progetta, sviluppa e produce lampade a LED professionali per l’orticoltura, schede e apparecchiature elettroniche 



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