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S.A.BA.R case: Basil- For a basilicious result

Based in Reggio Province, Servizi Ambientali Bassa Reggiana (S.A.BA.R.) produces an excellent basil. By replacing their former HPS lighting with AMBRALIGHT LED LAMP solutions, they managed to increase productivity of the crops and lower significantly energy consumption.

S.A.BA.R. used high pressure sodium lamps to enhance the growth and wellness of the plants and at the same time to avoid typical basil illnesses. Instant consumption of power, for a greenhouse with a total surface of 750 square meters, was 32KW.

Crucial to the project was to reduce the total power consumption and cost.

Replacing the old lamps with the Ambra Led Lamp solutions, we achieved astonishing results: power consumption was cut by 56% to 14KW, with a total cost reduction per year of 75,000 € and a total CO2 emission reduction of 30 tons per year. In addition, the basil life cycle was reduced from 35 days to 30 days with a productivity growth of around 20%.

Ambra Led Lamp solutions, based on OSRAM LED technology, are highly energy efficient, as the light is emitted within the spectrum of the photosynthetic active region.

Ambra Led Lamp solutions enhance the growth of plants and are a natural replacement to the conventional HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps used today in the horticultural industry.

Ambra Elettronica srl è una azienda italiana che progetta, sviluppa e produce lampade a LED professionali per l’orticoltura, schede e apparecchiature elettroniche 



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