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Algae Solution


The production and consumption of macro and micro algae for pharmaceutical and food-processing purposes have constantly increased in the last few years.
Ambralight has always been at the forefront of this revolution, providing an essential element to algae producers: the LED lighting systems for enhancing the phothosyntesis and biomass generation.
Ambralight has run several projects in Italy and abroad for Algae farmers or for Algae equipment producers.

Milis Energy, based in Sardinia, is an energy company focused on technology innovation. They created a new microalgae farm in the city of Oristano. They
installed our AE100 LED lamps to enhance algae biomass growth inside pools.

Agro Initiative, in Treviso Veneto, is another producer of microalgae with pools systems. They also chose and installed our AE100 LED lamps.

Mat 2.0 from Parma is a designer and producer of photobiorector and turnkey systems for the production of algae.
We established a partnership being chosen as the sole supplier and co-designer of LED lamps for their plants.
Thanks to our LED technology, they replaced the traditional metal halide lamps and achieved the following results: better and more homogeneous distribution of light, energy consumption saving of 50%, better spectrum and light efficiency to enhance the photosynthetic process, significant heat-creation reduction.

Ambra Elettronica srl è una azienda italiana che progetta, sviluppa e produce lampade a LED professionali per l’orticoltura, schede e apparecchiature elettroniche 



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