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The Italian made LED lamp
 for professional use
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AE32 is an Italian made LED lamp for professional use, designed to be highly energy efficient as the light is emitted inside the visible light spectrum in the photosynthetic active region. This lamp promotes the growth of plants and can be used in those applications where the distance between the lamp and the plants is reduced and between 20 and 50cm.
AE32 has been fully developed by Ambra Elettronica and the products are entirely manufactured in Italy with high quality materials. Ambra Elettronica truly believes in tradition and the respect for the values of all “Made in Italy” products. This lamp is built in compliance with the strictest regulations and in accordance to technical criteria, ensuring a safe and practical use. AE32 is designed to withstand the harsh environment of modern production greenhouses and to sustain a long term heavy duty working cycle. AE32 is specially developed to be resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations and dust..
Tipical applications: Vertical Farming, Danish trolley, growth chambre, supplemental lighting, research projects, orchid nursery, terrarium, …





Technical data          
Supply Voltage  24 Vdc
Power supply
 40 W
Photon flux PAR output  82 μmoli/s
PAR efficiency  2,05 μmoli/J
Working temperature
 0 ÷ 45˚C
Dimensions  1200 x 38 x 18 mm
Protection grade
Weight  1 Kg
Emitted light
 Blu 450 nm, rosso 620 nm – 660 nm